Jennifer Lopez - Dinero (Behind the Scenes) ft. DJ Khaled, Cardi B

Објављено 29 мај 2018
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  • where would we be without dj khalids @another lyric@god damn you the man,,

  • Oh wow royal family her back up dancers 👍😁

  • visual effects were really cool I just came here for that Lambo I thought that it was fake so the spray was fake lol

  • I knew they won't actually spray on that car!

  • 1:36 wait , she doesn't even sprayed a color!!

  • October anyone??

  • calla te la boca, let me finish! yess bish

  • je suis la seule qui parle francais

  • My friend sings!

  • is my biggest fans

  • زبون ایتالیایی چقد توش کلمه ی کوص کوص داره🤣

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  • it's an energetic song💜

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  • Cute Mom Jennifer Lopez I love Jennifer Lopez mine my God Mom Jennifer Lopez mine

    • Hug mom Jennifer Lopez good mvp 💯 Jennifer Lopez dance and song I love it my

  • Eres una diosa...💐🌸💮

  • 2018-2500

  • There should be a part II i wanna see all the diamonds & grilling in lingerie part xD

  • excelente..te admiro desde venezuela i love

  • Justin Bieber at 0:36

  • Hello Jlos referring to the subject .Singers painters ,filmmakers all together. Well ,you took a great shot good lyrics.See ,you in the next series of film related pictures .I great whole fil crew.God bless

  • Laura pausini

  • cAre good

  • todo quiere dinero,

  • No estuvo tan buena la canción 😖🤐😑🤢

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  • JLO!

  • Fatal copia de Rihanna en su canción bitch better have my money, hasta el ritmo....

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  • Awesome Song 😍😍😍

  • Hola Jennifer Lopez

  • I love you


  • Linda! Essa mulher é perfeita! Bonita demais

  • I'm sorry but I'm at work listening to this s*** I'm sorry Jennifer Lopez you cannot sing somebody is lying to you

  • Yo me quedé esperando el video de la canción "mirame" 😔

  • Quiero plataaa

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  • JLO 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!

  • me encanto

  • 0:12 lmao DJ Khaled is so overweigh he can't stand for too long, maybe even eating pussy is to much cardio for him... thats y he pretends he doesn't do it

  • e ja dizia jennifer lopez: eu nao quero buxixo, eu só quero dinero

  • Dinero, dinero, dinero, Aprende algo dinero 😎



  • i thought that she was really touch the real elephant, but ....😂

  • Wonderful song

  • Why the robe? If your not.paying you cant see her? Weird. Illuminati big time.

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  • en uno es igual a 4.6.. sucedera 5.4.. mi nombre alican a es 1 igua que cinco suerte

  • Diosa 🤗 me re gusta

  • Shame there's so little of JLo in the actual video in some of those sexy ass revealing outfits

  • Love this lady since "In living colors" 😍😘💪👍💖💙💅👑💄👒💍🇵🇷🇩🇴🇺🇸

  • Te amo jennifer López😘😘

  • jlo is so nice

  • They should put out deleted scenes from this video too! I’d like to have footage of my daughter and two other kids that filmed for this video and never made it on! It’ll be nice to have as a memory 💔😩😢 @vstarstar


  • Joseph Kahn always delivers!!

  • Jennyyy I love uu

  • Again with the black and white...this video would have been much better in color

  • Amazing

  • Where the new album at? Ima buying.

  • JLo is super multi-talented and DJ Khaled always comes with the heat and collabs. Cardi B is 🔥🔥🔥too. What a great trio on this track. 🎧🎶🔁

  • every damn time i see JLo i see Selena Quintanilla. I’m sorry lol but man even JLo knew if Selena was here she would of be doing all of this

  • 2024?!!

  • Que corage..i will lik to see the video in colors...and even de behind the scene us color..😡...

  • Tired of songs and videos about how much money someone has after they’ve said they’re a humanitarian and that they’re trying to help end hunger and poverty in the world.

    • Its a song !!! Get Real

  • Team Cardi B(.)

  • Love you Mami 😘

  • I love this song and video so freaking much you would not believe it.

  • Excelente Video!!! 😏👌

  • Goddess😍😍😍

  • Great combination!

  • JLo, la Princesa 💅❤

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  • I love you!😘

  • me encanta la cancion

  • The one scene reminds me of rhythm nation Janet Jackson

  • Sounds like Merengue.

  • 0:56 That should have been in the clip...

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  • Quien Me Apollla

  • Kiel Tutin 😍😍😍

  • Where speak spanish 💖✌quero dinero


  • Polska

  • Coreography by marveldancers 👇👇👇👇👇👇

  • It was a very wrong idea to make this awesome video in Black and white such a happy single .... make it looks boring